Service Account Group Change

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Product edition: 2021-42.x 

Feature Category: Service Accounts



Service Accounts have been removed from the Everyone group and a new Service Account group has been added. In order for your Service Accounts to still have access to your Alerts and Dashboards, you will need to update the Alerts and Dashboards with the new Service Account group.


Checking Service Account Group:

To check your Service Account for the group it is currently under, click on the gear icon on the left hand side of the screen and click Accounts.




Click on the Service Account you would like to review. From here you can see which groups your account is apart of and make changes to your permissions.



Change Access to Alerts and Dashboards:

To change the access to all of your alerts or dashboards, go to All Dashboard or All Alerts and select all. Click + Access to add your Service Account group for access.



Choose which type of access you want your Service Account to have and add the new group to either View  or View and Modify.



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