GCP ingested metrics are only showing the default labels/pointTags and not custom labels.

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• Data Ingestion/Integrations

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• Feature Category: Integrations


When you set up a Google Cloud Platform(GCP) integration, you have to give the VMware Aria Operations for Applications(AOA) service permissions to access the data you want to visualize and analyze.

GCP allows for custom labels to be attached to metrics, however for the AOA API to pick up these custom labels the account role used to access must include "compute.instances.list" permission. 

This permission comes part of the predefined "Billing" role OR can be assigned individual under a custom role assignment.


In Google Cloud's Identity and Access Management (IAM) & Admin pages, confirm the role "compute.instances.list" has been giving to the account used for AOA.

Manage access to projects, folders, and organizations


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