TO-TAS Integration: Gathering Logs from Wavefront Nozzle and OpsMan


This article applies to:

• Onboarding.

• Product edition: Wavefront Nozzle ver 3.0 and above

• Feature Category: Integrations.



Tanzu Application Service is a popular platform for building cloud-native applications. This integration uses the VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Nozzle.

As with any appliance, problems can come up either during installation/upgrade or while in operations. Because of it, it is important to know how to check for logs and error messages, so to understand the cause and troubleshoot the issue faced.



Logs on the TAS-TO environment can be found on different sections:

- The OpsManager’s UI

- Command Line Interface

 and it will depend on whether the situation is regarding:

- Installation/upgrades

- Production/running environment


1.   Installation and/or Upgrade problems:  To obtain further information about the reason for the failure, you need to click on the 'Change Log' tab from the OpsManager's main bar. This will take you to a summary of the latest deployment.





To gather more details, please click on 'Logs' on the upper-right corner:



2.  Live/In Operations environments: when problem is with In-Operations equipment, logs can be checked either via UI or Cli:


- If via UI, once you click on the Wavefront Nozzle tile,  click on Status tab > Download Logs icon:



        - Then, go to the Logs tab and download the logs:



         -  If via Cli, please ask the customer access to the OpsMan's cli and run the following commands:

bosh deps     <-  to identify your wavefront-nozzle deployment

bosh ssh -d wavefront-nozzle-d62c653f58184da09b1d wavefront_proxy    <-  to ssh into the wavefront proxy or telegraf agent

sudo –i           <- to root

bpm logs -fa wavefront_proxy        <- to tail logs


a. bosh deps  :



b. bosh ssh -d wavefront-nozzle-d62c653f58184da09b1d wavefront_proxy :



c. sudo –i  :



d. bpm logs -fa wavefront_proxy  



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