TO-TAS Integration: Upgrade of Wavefront Nozzle

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• Onboarding.

• Product edition: Wavefront Nozzle ver 3.0 and above

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Tanzu Application Service is a popular platform for building cloud-native applications. This integration uses the  Aira Apps by Wavefront Nozzle.

Each release of the Wavefront Nozzle will include a set of improvements, bug fixes and new features for each of its components – and this includes the Wavefront Proxy and the Telegraf agent -.

The Wavefront Nozzle upgrade is a very straightforward and simple process to follow but still, it is helpful to know in advanced the steps to follow.


All available Wavefront Nozzle versions can be found at:,



Upgrade Procedure steps:


The upgrade process is describe is five steps using as sample an upgrade from Wavefront Nozzle version 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 :


1.  Choose and download the release version from



2.  Access OpsManager and click import a product then click the + sign on Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Nozzle.



3.   The Wavefront Nozzle tile will show up the new version on the UI. However, new version is Not yet fully implemented:




4.   To fully implement recent changes, you'll click on Review Changes and then, on Apply Changes:



5. The OpsManager will start applying the changes and at its end, you’ll see the tile with the new version and its components as well – whenever it applies - :



For example, if new Wavefront Nozzle includes an upgrade of the Wavefront Proxy, you will see the same proxy duplicated: One orphaned with old version, and an active one with the new version:



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