REST API only returns 1,000 records

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Browsing Data/Querying

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Feature Category: REST API


Problem Description:

Using REST API only returns 1,000 records even though there are more available.



There is a hard limit applied on the back-end to only return 1,000 records at a time.

Error Messages:
No error messages are seen due to this issue, REST API returns records successfully.



By using offsets in your REST API you can return the next 'X' records.

For example to return the 1st through 1,000 records use.
"offset": 0,
"limit": 1000,

To return the next 1,000 records use.
"offset": 1000,
"limit": 1000,

Note: If its easier to work in smaller batches you can select smaller amounts for Limits as well as Offsets.

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