How to send CSV data to Tanzu Observability using telegraf

Overview: Suppose if you have a usecase where you want to send the CSV file data to Tanzu Observability, this article would provide you the instructions on how to achieve it.


You can make use of telegraf's csv parser plugin to send the csv data to Tanzu Observability. Please find the plugin here:

  1.  Edit telegraf.conf file and add the required configuration ([[inputs.file]]) under input plugin section.

  2. Once after you the edit the telegraf.conf file, restart the telegraf service using the below command.

      Linux: sudo service telegraf restart
      Mac: brew services restart telegraf
      Windows : Restart the Telegraf service using the Windows Services Management Console or                                from the command prompt:

                              net stop telegraf
                              net start telegraf

  3. Check the telegraf logs to see if any error messages.

Example: Please find the screenshots shared below 

1. The csv file


2. The [[inputs.file]] content in telegraf.conf file



3. Confirmation from the Tanzu Observability GUI side


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