VMware Aria Operations for Applications to TKGI Integration


This KB will walk you through the process of deploying VMware Aria Operations for Applications to your TKGI clusters.



  • VMware Aria Operations for Applications URL
  • API Token
  • HTTP Proxy Host and Port (if applicable)
  • Proxy Username and Password (if applicable)



Login to your Tanzu Ops Manager and click on the TKGI tile.



On the left hand side of the screen, scroll to the bottom and click on In-Cluster Monitoring.



Click on Yes to expand the configuration.



Here you will input your VMware Aria Operations for Applications URL, Access/API Token and if you have a separate proxy.


Deploy cAdvisor remains no and check Enable Node Exporter on Workers if you would like data on your worker nodes.



Once all information has been completed, click Save and go back to the main page of Tanzu Ops Manager where all of the tiles are located.


Click on Review Pending Changes at the top right corner.



Make sure all 3 boxes are checked to be updated and click Apply Changes.

-Please note that the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition if the Upgrade All Cluster errand is enabled it will upgrade all of the deployed clusters.  If you do not want this to happen uncheck this and upgrade the clusters one a time via CLI.

-Please note that each cluster must be upgraded if you wish to use VMware Aria Operations for Applications to monitor it.



Tanzu Ops Manager will now install all the changes to deploy VMware Aria Operations for Applications.

These changes include deploying the Proxy, Collector, Errand and Telegraf.



Once this completes, it will take about 10 minutes for the data to start populating on your dashboard. 

You should be able to locate the cluster UUID and once selected, the data should start to appear.


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