Troubleshooting Issues Generating API Tokens

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In the latest release, a new permission " API Tokens" has been added for user accounts. While generating the API token,  users who do not have this permission will receive the error

To generate API tokens, you need the API Token permission granted. Contact your Administrator.




Who can give API Tokens permission?

A user must contact his Administrator or a user with Accounts permission.


How to enable users to generate API tokens?

  1. Log in to Aria Apps as a user with Accounts permission.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select Accounts.
  3. On the User Accounts tab, select one or more users.
  4. Click +Permission and select API Tokens.


Service account behavior isn’t affected by the new API Token permission requirement.

All existing users, who were previously able to generate their own API tokens, can still use and manage their existing API tokens. Going forward only users who have the API Tokens permission can generate new API tokens. 






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