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While It is clear what are main functions of the Proxies and the Telegraf agents, it is important to have in mind/ present their main differences, how do they relate one another and their role within the VMware Aria Operations for Applications environment


Procedure : The following article  aims to accomplish the above intention by  offering a comparison chart between the Proxy and the Telegraf agent .



Telegraf Agent

Both main services'  goal is to gather data metrics from different data sources to later ingested into VMware Aria Operations for Applications.

Requires to run on host separated from data sources. By default, the proxy runs on dedicated host.

As it is a light-weight server process, it can run on same or different host as where the data sources are. Usually, the Telegraf runs on same host as from data sources.

The collected data is sent directly to VMware Aria Operations for Applications.

It can send data directly to VMware Aria Operations for Applications, but usually is configured to send the gathered data to the Proxy first.

It can buffer into disk significant amount of data in the event of interruption on the communication towards VMware Aria Operations for Applications to send it once the communication is restored.

The Telegraf cannot buffer into disk data to be sent later on. Because of it, it is configured to rely on the Proxy for this feature.

Both services can be installed and operate on different platforms including: Windows, MacOS, different Linux's distros, and even Docker and Kubernetes.

Both generates and sends metrics of their own for health and monitoring purposes.

The Proxy accepts metrics from a multiple variety of collector agents.

It usually gathers metrics from the data sources located on the same host as where the Telegraf resides.

While both Proxy and Telegraf can be tunable and can be adjusted, the Proxy has significantly richer properties and features.

The proxy can work with other proxies in different fashions : Team of Proxies behind load balancers, Proxy chaining - Proxy relying its data to another proxy -.

The Telegraf usually sends collected data to a Proxy or directly to VMware Aria Operations for Applications, but it does not work with other Telegraf agents.



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