How to Find the Account Used to Set Up a Specific Proxy

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The primary way to ingest data into Tanzu Observability (TO) is through the TO Proxy. Multiple users may have the ability to create and manage Proxies. There are times, however, when it is not certain who set up a particular Proxy. This article covers how to find out the account (whether user or service account) was used to set up a Proxy. 

Finding Out the Account Used to Set Up a Proxy

Note: This article assumes that you have the Proxies permission. Additionally, the Proxy in question must be version 4.38 or newer.

  1. Find the Proxy name
    The Proxy name refers to the "source name" that the Proxy uses to report its own metrics. It's likely that you noticed this particular Proxy because of its ingestion rate or some other data related to its internal (~proxy) metrics. Take note of the source name.

  2. Find the Proxy ID
    Navigate to the Proxy list through Browse > Proxies. Search for the name from step 1. The ID will be under the corresponding entry. Copy this ID.


  3. Use the GET /api/v2/proxy/{id} API endpoint
    The simplest way to complete this step is to use the TO API Swagger documentation page. From the Gear Icon, navigate to API Documentation. Look for the Proxy section. Then, find the entry for GET /api/v2/proxy/{id}.


    Expand the entry and enter in the ID from the previous step. Click "Try it out!". The response field of the response body will contain a userId field. This is the account used.



Note: The preceding log excerpts/Messages are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.

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