[INTERNAL] How to request a PPS add-on to current committed rate

When a customer purchases Tanzu Observability, they make an initial commitment in terms of Points Per Second (PPS). In many cases, any sustained PPS rate that is above the committed rate can lead accounts into cost overages and the price for PPS overage is higher than the committed rate price. 

In order to ensure your account is not in overages, it is suggested to continually monitor your ingest and request a PPS add-on if the rate will be above the committed rate. PPS is sold in multiples of 1,000 and following are the steps to request an add-on:


PPS add-on is requested via the VMware booking portal:

  • Login into https://my.vmware.com/
  • Select Products and Accounts
  • Selects Accounts
  • Select My Subscription Services
  • Under Subscriptions service page select correct Entitlement Account (Wavefront by VMware product)
  • For Subscription ID, select Purchase Add-ons that will navigate to new page to select quantities
    • For example, if placing order for 20,000 PPS, select 20 since they are sold in multiples of 1,000 PPS.
    • Note: Pricing will reflect current list pricing. For questions and or concerns please contact your account team for additional details.
  • Submit order
  • You will receive a confirmation #

Add-ons are typically processed within 2-3 business days. 

If you have questions or if any step is not clear and you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to your Account Executive Team.



How to Optimize Your Ingestion Rate PPS

Note: Outdated details within, This is now self service for customers that utilize the CSP platform


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