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One of the features of the Tanzu Observability (TO) Proxy is the ability to queue up data in the event of network connectivity issues where data is not able to be sent to the TO backend. There are, however, times when the queued data is no longer needed. This article covers how to remove the queued data so that they will not get ingested and disk space on the Proxy host can be freed up.



Removing Queued Data at the Proxy:

There are two main options - delete the buffer file or export the queued data without retaining data.


Deleting the Buffer Files


1. Navigate to the queue/buffer file directory

The default locations for the Proxy's buffer location can be found here under the "<wavefront_spool_path>" heading.

Note that this location is configurable via the buffer property so verify if a different location has been set.

You should see file names such as buffer.<data type>.<port>.<#>.spool (if the filename format looks different, you may be on an old Proxy version and should be upgraded).


2. Delete the relevant buffer files

The filenames of the buffer files specify the type of data and port number for which data is stored. Delete the files pertaining to the data that you no longer need. For example, if I do not need any of the metrics ingested through port 2878, I would delete all of the files that have filenames starting with buffer.points.2878.



3. Restart the Proxy

Upon restart, the Proxy will recognize that there is no queued data and will report internal metrics indicating this.


Exporting Without Retaining Data

An alternative to deleting data is to use the Proxy's ability to export queued data. This approach allows backup of queued data as well as the ability to modify data for re-ingest. However, if you know that the data is un-needed, we can set the exportQueueRetainData flag to false to clear the queued data from the Proxy's buffer location while setting exportQueueOutputFile to /dev/null or some similar temporary location. 


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