Orphaned Proxy instances in VMware Aria Operations for Applications UI


This article applies to:

Data Ingestion

Product edition: Proxy Current Release

Feature Category: Proxy





After restarting the VMware Aria Operations for Applications proxy service orphaned proxies are displayed in the VMware Aria Operations for Applications User Interface under the Browse > Proxies interface.



Restarting a proxy also restarts the proxy service. This restart automatically upon restart creates a new service ID and is assigned to the proxy service for uniqueness.


This can be further observed in the User interface. Browse > Proxies. When viewing from the Proxies page we can see two or more proxies with same hostname but different ID.


For a short duration after restart both proxy instance will be shown as Active. 



Then the proxy with latest ID will show as Active and proxy with older ID will be shown as orphaned.






Currently the outlined behavior is working as designed. There is no impact to the workflow or the data that is being ingested by the proxy.


It is possible to manually delete the orphaned proxy instance. Alternatively approximately 24 hours after the orphaned proxy is displayed, the system will be delete the orphan automatically.







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