How to set "Show Events" setting on a dashboard permanently

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On a Tanzu Observability dashboard you can change the events overlay display based on how you want to see the events on your charts. There are 6 settings that you can choose from for events display as discussed here in Tanzu Observability docs .

Selecting these settings will not persist, i.e. there is no UI option to save any of these events settings. Sometimes you want to set a particular "Show Events" setting for your dashboard so that you don't have to select that setting every time you are on that dashboard.

You can make the "Show Events"  setting persistent by setting the value in dashboard json as discussed below.


Modifying dashboard json to persist "Show Events" setting:

Go to the dashboard json as highlighted here

Set the "eventFilterType" setting to one of the following as per your needs and save it;

  • BYCHART = from charts
  • BYDASHBOARD = from dashboard settings
  • BYCHARTANDDASHBOARD = from chart and dashboard
  • AUTOMATIC = related source alerts
  • ALL = all
  • NONE = none

For example, to set "Show Events" setting to "from dashboard settings" you would set eventFilterType : BYDASHBOARD as shown below ;



Hence the dashboard "Show Events" setting will always default to what ever value you have set for "evenFilterType" in dashboard json. 

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