Unable to Invite User: User is Already Created

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Problem description:

When attempting to Invite New Users you see the below error displayed in the UI:


User with id <user@domain.com> is already created in our system.


Note: The preceding log excerpts/Messages are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


Error Description:

This error is displayed if the user's email address (id) has already been added to the current tenant or another tenant on the same cluster. An email address cannot exist across multiple tenants without Multi-Tenant Authentication



Ensure the user has not already been invited by searching their email address under User Accounts (https://<cluster>.wavefront.com/account/users). If the user is returned and the user doesn't know their password, the user Reset a Forgotten Password.


If the user does not exist on the current tenant and you receive this error, please open a support ticket indicating as such: How to Engage Technical Support.



After the user resets their password, or after the support engagement, the user's email address should appear under User Accounts, and be able to sign into the tenant successfully. 


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