How to Engage Technical Support


VMware Global Services Technical Support provides support for VMware Aria Operations for Applications. This KB article will guide you to engaging VMware Global Services Technical Support for your production issue.


A valid up to date contract is required to engage with our technical support teams. Please be advised due to volume we may not be able to further address non valid subscriptions.

What Does Technical Support Assist With?

VMware Global Support provides technical assistance for production level workloads. Examples of items that VMware Global Support can assist with: 

  • Cluster level issues.
  • Native VMware VMware Aria Operations for Applications integration issues.

Areas that Global Support are unable to assist:

  • Custom implementations.
  • Custom Alert or Query generation.
  • Access or Permissions to existing Tenants: Please engage your Super Admins for further assistance.

Opening a Support Ticket

To open a support ticket from within the VMware Aria Operations for Applications user interface, please click the Gear Icon on the top right and select Support on the drop down. 

If none of the presented KB articles apply, click the Submit a Ticket link at the top of the page. Once the form is opened in your browser, please fill out the Support Ticket with the following:

  • Subject: Enter a brief description of the issue experienced.
  • Description: Details needed will vary case by case, but the more details provided will help expedite the support engagement.
    • Provide information what you expected to happen, what actually happened, and what you have tried.
    • Always include a shortened URL of the chart, dashboard, alert, or other aspects.
  • Priority: Select a priority that corresponds with your issue.
    • Note: Urgent (Severity 1) priority indicates production down. This can entail to severe cluster accessibility issues, severe querying issues, or severe degradation issues.
    • For further information pertaining to priority see Cloud Services Severity Definitions section on VMware Severity Definitions and Response Targets.
  • Attachments: Add screenshots or recording if the issue is intermittent or if you need to highlight a specific item in the UI from the URL provided.

VMware Aria Operations for Applications Ticket SLA

  • Urgent (P1) = 30 minutes ITR
  • High (P2) = 2 hours ITR*
  • Normal (P3) = 4 hours ITR*
  • Low (P4) = 8 hours ITR*

* Business hours


" I Created a Support Ticket, Now What?"

You will get an email from when you ticket has been created. VMware Global Support will then reach out via to ask additional scoping questions as applicable and review the issue within the defined SLA.

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