Slack Unfurl Integration fails to display chart and or dashboard snippit

Aria Operations for Applications provides many useful integrations that allow for your organization to more quickly  share information. The Slack Unfurl Integration is a time saver that allows you to see the Aria Operations for Applications dashboard and or chart data within slack interface itself. The feature is extremely useful for sharing information when troubleshooting issue's.

When using the feature you should get a series of prompts that require you to authenticate, link accounts, and unfurl the image.

Please note before getting started ensure that you have enabled the feature within Slack first. For further details please see our documentation. Slack Unfurl Setup

Slack Unfurl within Direct Messages will not function at this time.

First provide a Aria Operations for Applications short URL into a main slack channel for your organization


Once you have pasted this URL into the channel you will see that the authentication steps will occur next.



After selecting the "Yes (Authenticate via Browser) option you will be prompted to Link your accounts for the Unfurl Process


Now we can observe our dashboard or chart within slack




If you are unable to unfurl a link it is recommended to attempt the following steps before opening a support request with Aria Operations for Applications Support.

1. Ensure that the wavefront domain has not been ignored by running the /unignore <domain> command from the slack interface

2. Try to manage the slack "Mutes" and "Unmute" the Wavefront Slack integration if it appears in this section


For more information concerning Muted Apps, please see slack Manage Mutes documentation.

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