How to export data queued at the Tanzu Observability Proxy

When you send too much data or if there is a network error, data starts to queue at the Tanzu Observability proxy and create a backlog.

Use the following command to export the data that is queued at the proxy. Once the data is exported, you can make changes to the data, like removing the data that is not required, and send it back to the Tanzu Observability proxy.


/opt/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/proxy-jre/java -jar /opt/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront-push-agent.jar --f /etc/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront.conf --exportQueuePorts <ports> --exportQueueOutputFile <outputFileNamePrefix> --exportQueueRetainData false


If your proxy is containerized, the command should be similar to the following. Since containers are stateless, restarting a proxy container will normally result in a loss of any data in the proxy’s queues. Exporting the queued data prior to persistent storage restart will help retain data.


java -jar /opt/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/bin/wavefront-proxy.jar --exportQueuePorts <ports> --exportQueueOutputFile <outputFileNamePrefix> --exportQueueRetainData false


Parameters Description
exportQueuePorts Comma separated list of ports that listen to the data sent to the proxy. Can be a single port.
exportQueueOutputFile Prefix you want the output files to have. If the prefix is wfproxy, the name of the file is wfproxy.<DATA TYPE>.<PORT>.<QUEUE #>.txt
exportQueueRetainData When set to false, exports the data and removes the data from the backlog. Default is true.
**Note**: Make a backup of the files you export. If you set exportQueueRetainData to false, the exported files are the only copies you have of the backlog.




/opt/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/proxy-jre/java -jar /opt/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront-push-agent.jar --f /etc/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront.conf --exportQueuePorts 2878,3000 --exportQueueOutputFile wfproxy --exportQueueRetainData false


The example:

  • Exports the data queued at ports 2878 and 3000.
  • Creates output files that have the prefix wfproxy, such as wfproxy.points.2878.0.txt.
  • Deletes all data that’s currently in the proxy queue.

Since the exported file is a newline delimited plaintext file, it can be directly resent to the proxy. It is also possible to directly make changes to the data before resending it to the proxy.

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