Changes to flush_interval affects the proxy data lag

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Changing the value of the property "flush_interval" on the telegraf side would have an effect on the proxy data lag. i.e. Increase of telegraf's flush_interval value will increase the proxy data lag value.

For example: On the telegraf side, if the collection interval is 1 minute and the flush interval is 10 minutes, then telegraf will buffer those metrics/data for 10 minutes. When it sends the metrics to the wavefornt proxy, the timestamp of the metrics will be 10 minutes old and hence the Proxy Data Received Lag chart will show 10 minutes of lag. Proxy Data Received Lag chart shows the difference between the timestamp on a point and the time that the proxy received it.

Note: We always recommend to keep this flush_interval to 1 or 5 minutes.


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