Error building tags: unexpected type: string

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• Data Ingestion

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Problem Description:

Seeing an error message similar to the below shared error messages in the telegraf.log file.

2022-12-02T16:54:56Z D! [outputs.wavefront] Error building tags: unexpected type: string, with value: success, for: net.response.result.type


This is a error on the telegraf side. This error is reported even before the data comes to Aria Apps  proxy. The main reason for this error is due to the wrong data format issue. The proxy expects the data to be in the following format,

Wavefront expects data in format : <metricName> <metricValue> [<timestamp>] source=<source> [pointTags]

Aria Apps Data format

Error Messages/Messages:

[outputs.wavefront] Error building tags: unexpected type: string, with value


Validate if the data format is correct and there are no extra spaces or missing quotes


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