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VMware Aria Operations for Applications monitors the operational performance of your cloud environment, WfTop monitors the ingestion operation of your VMware Aria Operations for Applications instance. With WfTop, you can see which namespaces are sending high amounts of data to your VMware Aria Operations for Applications instance, group namespaces by ingestion source, or view newly created IDs.

WFTOP simplifies the search through namespaces, PPS, Acc, Lag(P50,P75 & P99), Number of Metric, Number of hosts and Range. When we deep dive into namespace, the metric names are not expand to full. Instead, displays "..." at the end of it. However, when we try to export same in CSV file, it displays the same.

This is for an Exm :-

Cause: This is by default.

Resolution : By default, our wftop tool displays upto 50 characters for the metric names.

The way metrics are displayed in the wftop tool are saved to the CSV. To save full name of metrics without -top 10, you can do the following:

1. Edit the number of characters to display metric names (Maximum length for metricName is 256 doc). To edit value, replace 50 with length: 

2. Run wftop command without separators. By default, wftop sets default separators as .-_= . The following command will remove the separators:

./target/wftop -sep "" --export -t 20 -f test1.csv

3. To read full article about WFTOP. Please go through below link:


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