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When an account is onboarded , certain permissions are assigned to the ID, these permissions will determine the accessibility and the scope of the account to perform Operations in AOA

This article gives the information of the permissions which will be assigned to the user's account to install wftop on the system. 



To install wftop on the system, we will need two important details i.e. Cluster and Token Information 

  • Cluster Information will include the name of your AOA instance (<instance>
  • Token details will include Wavefront API token  associated with the AOA instance. 




How to validate the permissions of the Account


Cluster URL will be available as per users instance which he will part of,

To get the Token details , Go to the tenant web page , On right hand  side , select the gear icon  




Select the User Id and navigate to "API Access"  .



 If user is not able to see the API tokens , the following error will be generated , this means the account is not having the required permissions to generate the tokens. 




How to enable permissions to the accounts 

To Update the account permissions ,  Go to the tenant webpage and login with the Super Admin Account and navigate to the Account section and search for the user id who's  permission needs to be updated. 


Select  "API Token " permissions along with other set of  default permissions which user needs .






Once the user is tagged with the required permissions , he can logout and check the API access tab by navigating through gear icon on the web page. 

He will now have access to Generate the API tokens and can use it to deploy wftop on the system. 



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