CPU Usage chart shows percentage as greater than 100%

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CPU usage chart of Tanzu Application Service (TAS), shows CPU usage higher than 100%.  This is because when using multi-core processors in CPU instrumentation the usage maximum is the number of cores multiplied by 100. 



How it works:

Because modern computers have multiple cores, where previously they were predominantly single core processors, CPU instrumentation can show CPU utilization greater than 100%. 


For TAS if there are three cores on the Diego Cell to which your app is deployed, 300% CPU can be distributed between all the apps on the Diego Cell.  Since 150% could be a totally nominal value for some containers while 99% would be a fully saturated CPU for others.

The metrics depend on factors such as the capacity of the Diego Cell and the total number of apps on it that are not visible to the user.


  • To understand the CPU Maximums multiple:  $NUM_CORES * 100%.


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